Firefox and Windows Firewall

May 30, 2020 at 12:56:38
Specs: several
In Windows 10, Firefox cannot get through my Firewall.
When I try, it says:

> Unable to connect
> Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server
> at

When I allow all Public outbound connections, it gets
through OK.

I previously made all sorts of changes to the Firewall,
including blocking outbound connections not specifically
allowed by a rule. When I installed Firefox, it registered
itself in Windows Firewall. After I found that it didn't
work, I followed directions from The Internet to clear the
registration and re-register it. When that didn't work I
checked the checkbox to allow Firefox through the Private
profile as well as the Public -- though I don't understand
why the Public side would be checked but not the Private
side. That seems backwards. Still didn't work, though.

No problem with Edge.

I see that in the big list of Inbound Rules in Advanced
settings, there are four entries for Firefox: Two for the
Private profile and two for the Domain profile. None for
the Public profile. So what is in the Advanced settings
doesn't jibe with what is in the list of Allowed apps.

In the list of Outbound Rules, Firefox is not listed!

Clearly, Firefox needs to be in that list. I would think
it would also need a Public profile entry in the Inbound
Rules as well, though it works without one.

If there are specific ports that Firefox needs open, can
you tell me what they are and exactly how to open them?
I have no idea how to put a port number into Windows
Firewall, or then associate it with Firefox.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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June 26, 2020 at 10:05:21
You can try to switch the network settings in Firefox to no Proxy.

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June 26, 2020 at 10:24:39
I'm sorry. I intended to update this thread some time ago,
but forgot about it.

I learned how to make new firewall rules. It turned out not to
be as complicated as I thought. It was easy, when I expected
it to be quite difficult. So I set a new outbound rule to allow
Firefox through on all networks, and that did the trick..

My guess is that the people who wrote the Firefox installer
didn't suspect that my default outbound rule would be to block
all connections, so they didn't make an outbound rule.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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June 27, 2020 at 10:02:56
I installed hundreds of Firefox on Win7 and Win10 and haven't got any problem, exept one, where I had to switch automatic proxy setting to no proxy.

The odd thing was, that Win10 was installed from scratch without any proxy settings.

As mentioned, no proxy was the trick.

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