Extending laptop wireless with router AP?

Us robotics Usr8054 802.11g 100mbps wire...
December 10, 2009 at 20:22:52
Specs: Vista
(this is for my mother) She is staying in a RV park and they say they have wireless internet, she can receive connection but it's on and off, with her laptop, regardless of her location inside her Motorhome. She has a U.S Robotics USR8054, can we use this as a wired access point for her laptop, hopefully to get a better connection to the wireless? DD-wrt does not have firmware for this router. The router that is supplying the wireless internet is a linksys WRT54g.

Trust me if I had wired internet connection to it I'd try to get some dd-wrt firmware for it and just boost it's signal output, but I can't.

Shuttle AN35N-Ultra
AMD 2600B-M O/C 2.3Gig
Geil 1.5gb 3200DDR
Gforce 6800 Ultra O/C
UV Clear Acrylic Blue case

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December 11, 2009 at 06:25:08
If you Mother is having difficulty get a stable wireless connection with her laptop it is unlikely introducing another router into the mix will improve matters.

What might be a better solution is to get an external hi-gain antenna fitted to the outside of the motor-home and connect that. This is where the US Robotic router would be useful as it would more likely be able to accept an-external antenna than the wireless card in the laptop. In this case she would then have to connect to the US Robotics by wire. This assumes that the US Robotics router can operate in client mode or bridge mode as it is sometimes called.

I don't understand why you think a firmware upgrade might help you. The power output from wireless devices is strictly regulated and anything that boosts this power is likely to be illegal. A hi-gain antenna just makes better use of the power that is available.



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December 11, 2009 at 06:39:17
Google cantenna for a home made directional antenna. Put it outside and point it at the wireless source.

Alternately you can invest in a wireless bridge.

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