everything shared, access denied

July 31, 2010 at 23:25:21
Specs: 7 ultimate 32bit, 2 GHz / 1982 MB
I have 5 pc's in our home, all are wired over 2 lan to lan connected routers. ever since i put windows 7 on them the network has been perfect. My main pc in the lounge is the 1 with all the media on it, all pc's access it, never had a problem. Now this pc was upgraded to a quad core, and i did a clean install of seven just like a gazillion times before with no difference in what i did. Now, it is unaccessablef from the network, even though the correct folders have been "advance shared" to allow full and complete acces with all the correct users etc etc. I made sure the homegroup was a home network, and allowed media sharing, I even went advanced to set it all properly. I made sure the whole house had the same password, but we are all still locked out. The wierd thing is, as I am sharing each folder, they appear on every pc as it happens, but still comes up as not having permission.
I have done all the permissions I can possibly think of, I don't think there are any subfolders left for network setting up, so now I'm stuck. Obviously the homegroup is working as the folders were appearing up as it was being done (I use teamviewer to watch all the pc's). It has got to a point where I have to use the remote program to get my movie from my lounge via the internet. Sorry for long post but I'm trying to think of everything I've done.
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July 31, 2010 at 23:45:20
I think I may have solved this, and by mistake...
After putting up my post, I thought I would add the medii folder (A differet internal HDD), and see if I could access it that way from the netwrk. However, when I chose the folder, a window popped up telling me I didn't have permission to access this folder. "IT'S MY BLOOMIN FOLDER!!" I thought haha, so anyway, i presume this is why no one could get to it, so I clicked the button too gain permanent acces. So now, I'm just going to test access, and will report back.
A swag, i think maybe permissions were set from before my upgrade, and refused permission as it wasn't the same "Os" as such. Didn't think that applied to other drives but I guess maybe.

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July 31, 2010 at 23:50:25
Nope, I can't access it. I can access every other file and folder on that HDD just not the movie folder. grrr not impressed. And sorry for typos on previous post, batteries were running out.

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