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Ethernet Networking In A Prewired House

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I’ve been using a wireless network, but it has proved to be unreliable and since our house is prewired with cat5e wires, I think it would be best to set up an ethernet network. I found something that said I’d have to go through a distribution module to the correct rooms, but in the box with that, is also the cable and alarm systems and they is nowhere to plug anything in. We use cable internet…how should I peruse this, or would it be best just to get a new wireless router? TY.


2 Answers

  1. After looking through everything, I think that the builders just jipped us (wouldn’t be the first thing). haha. I think it might just be easier to get a more reliable wireless router.
    We are using one now, but it DCs constantly. This has been bugging me like crazy so I wanted something surefire reliable. Im sure there are some well priced routers that are just as reliable as ethernet (I hope), any suggestions? TY

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  2. I figured I might as well post for posterity…My house has the same thing, cat5e cables for telephone lines. I didn’t need all the telephone jacks, and I’d rather have cordless phones than a wireless network, so I converted most of the jacks to be used for networking.
    I went into the panel where the security, cable, and phone lines all meet, cut the phone ones I wanted to hijack, terminated them with regular network plugs, and plugged them all into a switch. It was easy (assuming your wires are marked so you can tell which one goes to which jack) and it works great.

    You might also try changing the channel on your wireless router to get a better signal. I find that in some places there’s a lot of interference from neighbors or whatever and changing the channel helps dramatically.

    Good Luck!

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