establish VPN without static ip

June 26, 2009 at 07:29:23
Specs: Windows XP
a very simple question but can't figure out the solution.
ON Windows XP PRO.
i m on LAN at my home and other computer is also on LAN at my office and both LAN r different not on same network.
i have created and setup accept incoming connection in my office computer and allowed virtual private connection in that.

now i want to use internet connection of my office computer at my home computer by connecting to office computer through VPN
but the problem is that office computer does not have static ip so that's y i can not connect to office computer via VPN without static ip.

so could u plz sir tell me how i can solve this problem and how can i connect to office computer at my home pc without static ip ?
is there any software to solve it or anything else which i do ?
just to confirm,, to establish VPN it is not essential to be on the same network , right sir ?

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June 26, 2009 at 07:43:08
Even if you don't have a static IP account from your provider, it's possible your IP will stay the same all the time.

For example, my provider for my home internet gives me my TCP/IP settings via DHCP. As long as the MAC address of the piece of equipment their service plugs into doesn't change, my IP doesn't change....even though it's DHCP.

This may be the case for your service and if it is, then you can easily connect remotely.....I know I do it all the time (connect from work to home in my case)

It's easy enough to check, just connect to the "What's my IP" website at work a couple times a day over the span of a few days. If it never changes, it's static enough for your purposes. Also, you could call your provider and ask them outright about the lease time on your IP and how often they change, if they do.

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June 26, 2009 at 08:05:25
You might want to consider products like hamachi or logmein.
Google them for more info.

Also consider that you are opening security holes in your work network with your home access for internet access.

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June 26, 2009 at 08:27:25
got two replies and thanks for ur time

first @ Curt R

yes you r right. My both LAN of office and home r different
and both my office and home net service provider has static ip but as these r on LAN so these static ip r not assigned to these individual pc so u mean i can still use this static ip to establish VPN between these two computers being on two different and using different net service provider ?

@ wenderer
will get more info about these two but i hope that above information is relevent then i don't need to do anything else

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