DNS and Forward Lookup Zone

Dell / Poweredge 1750
February 23, 2009 at 12:45:10
Specs: WINDOWS Server 2003, 2 gig
Good Afternoon All,

I need some advice as to why my DMZ zone keeps needing to be reloaded each morning, and periodically through the day. We recently changed IPS carriers. This was not an issue before the change. I am fairly new at IT, server, AD, DNS, DHCP administration. I am not sure what configuration is messed up and causing the Forward Lookup Zone that points to my DMZ keeps getting lost.

BTW: This is occurring from within my internal domain. Can someone advise me to what I need to change?



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February 23, 2009 at 14:04:08
I suspect this will have to do with the DNS entries in your forward lookup zone. I wager when you changed providers, your external IP address changed and this could be the issue. Check your DNS records. Any showing the old IP would likely need to be changed to reflect your new external IP. I'm not sure which entries in particular you would have to check (it's been a while since I administered a Windows domain and it's DNS) so you'll likely have to go through all of them unless somebody else who does know speaks up and tells you where to look.

Incorrect DNS configuration will definately affect LAN users accessing external resources but shouldn't affect their ability to access internal unless you have more wrong with your DNS than I think you have.

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February 23, 2009 at 14:55:17
Hi Curt R,

Thanks for your reply. The forward lookup zones have been thoroughly gone over and cleaned from all old IP's address and stale DNS records.

The issue is this: I have two domains. The DMZ (public) and our internal domain; on the DMZ domain, I just have that domain in the forward and reverse lookups, they are "type" primary for this domain.

In the internal domain; I have the internal domain as "type" primary and the DMZ as "type" secondary domain with zone transfers allowed ONLY to the two internal domain servers, using their IP address.

Last week I noticed that I could not hit my DMZ servers from my laptop and a little research reveled that the DMZ forward lookup zone was NOT being loaded, so I "re-loaded" the zone and all was fine. Until I noticed that it was happening each day. The DMZ zone seems to get lost, requiring me to re-load the zone again. Advice?


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