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Dlink Portable Router DWR-730 Shut Down 3 To 6 Times Per Day

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Hi! I just bought a Dlink Router DWR 730 but unfortunately it automatically shuts down 3 to 6 in a day when plugged in for recharging as well as on Battery. Can somebody please help me with his or her expert opinion. I did a hard reset as well but in vain. Thanks and regards. Sohel


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  1. With a new item under warranty the vendor is liable/obliged to resolve the problem – not the customer.

    Depending in where your based/living of course does depend on what your “rights” are in this respect.

    I would take it back and ask seller to resolve the problem; and if they won ‘t – or can’t – ask for your money back.

    Behind the scenes as it were you might contact D-link support and refer the problem to them – as they may know there is bug/problem with the that model and aren’t being “too open” about?

    This incidentally is from the UK D-link support section:…

    Makes interesting reading re’ warranty etc.?

    And this – from the UK support section – is their UK contact address etc. Presumably there will be similar for wherever/whichever site you need to use (if not in the UK). Although I suspect if you contact even the UK site and explain the situation they may (hopefully) pass on your message etc to wherever/whichever D-link area you’re in – if not actually resolve the problem for you?…

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