DIR-615 Server Loopback problem

Angry Customer February 2, 2009 at 19:12:50
Specs: Windows XP
I just have to say that after a very frustrating weekend of dealing with D-Link Tech Support and customer service, I will never buy another D-Link product again. I purchased the DIR-615 N Wireless router because my old DI-614+ started giving me issues with dropping the connection anytime there was a large file transfer. First problem I had was that the Set-Up CD didn't work. Called tech support so that I didn't void any warranty (there are stickers everywhere saying use the setup CD first). I thought everything was working great, wireless was stable and fast. Then I tried to go to my own website after setting up all the port forwarding settings. I could not see my own website even though the ports were open. After several long and useless conversation with tech support having know idea what my problem was. I did some research on my own and figured out that my problem was something to do with loopback. If your server is on your side of the LAN, you can't see your own website. If you are on the outside (WAN)of your network, the website is accessible. After figuring this out on my own I called tech support to see if there is fix for this or a model that supports what I was trying to do. I was willing to pay for an upgrade if need be. I just wanted the thing to do what it should do. I have never experience such horrible customer service in all my life! In the end, I asked several times to talk to a manager or supervisor and was told to call the better business bureau? I went and purchased a Linksys NUltra Range Plus WRT310N. Within an hour of setup I was up and running with everything working great (most of the time was spent to adjust my server's IP address to match the router). I wish I had read a posted link like this one to stop me from purchasing that piece of !#$% D-Link! If someone understand what that problem with the loopback is, you should call D-link and give them a clue. Anyway, I vow to never buy a D-link again and I will tell everyone I can to do the same.

Angry Customer

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February 2, 2009 at 19:17:03
nice rant but you would have spent less time matching the router lan ip to your servers ip :-)

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