Difference in ethernet cable and Ethernet networking cable

April 28, 2013 at 11:33:39
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Is there a difference in an ethernet cable and an Ethernet networking cable? I have an Ethernet cable and a 6 port splitter I am trying to connect. I have 4 ports in the router that are in use. When I connect them to the splitter nothing s working. How do I revolve this? What next step should I take?

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April 28, 2013 at 12:30:37
Technically speaking there is no such thing as an Ethernet cable.

Ethernet is a network protocol used on Local Area Networks, basically Software.

Cat5 and Cat6 are cable specifications for use on a netwrok using the Ethernet Protocol.

What do you mean by a 6 port splitter. Do you mean a six port switch? If so how are you connecting them? You only need to connect one cable from the router to the switch via its up-link port if it has one and any other devices to the other ports. Your use of the word 'them' which is plural has me a bit confused.

Cat5/6 cables comes in two varieties, patch cable and crossover. The difference is in the way the plugs are wired. Normally you would connect the router to the switch via a crossover cable but as most switches these days have auto sensing ports it is not always necessary.

Knowing the model number of this device you call a splitter would be an enormous help.


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