DHCP Superscoping or resubnetting

February 21, 2012 at 09:49:24
Specs: Windows server 2003
I am looking at increasing the number of available IP addresses my DHCP can give out. I have look on the Microsoft website and they offer 2 options.
Resubnetting and superscoping
I have a LAN running on a 10.60.1.* scope and I am running out of IP addresses.
My windows server 2003 IP is router is
If I create a superscope with 10.60.1.* and 10.60.2.* scopes within it and add an IP address from the 10.60.2.* range to both the servers and routers network configurations would this allow the clients on both scopes to see the network? The router links our office to other offices as well would the new IP range cause all kinds of routing issues?

I know with the resubnetting option changing to a from the current would allow the use of in a single subnet but I suspect this would cause problems with seeing the other offices unless all routers were reconfigured to recognise our offices new subnet mask.

Can anyone provide any guidence before I make any changes please.

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February 21, 2012 at 10:40:39
Are you sure 510 hosts is going to be enough?

A superscope would be you adding two class A subnets together. Presently you are just subnetting.

Other routers don't matter. Its only the lan side of the local router that needs to be changed as well as the local subnet

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