Data Server Windows Server 2003- DNS Required?

May 29, 2012 at 23:55:59
Specs: Windows Server 2003, 2
Hi all,

I am new in IT field however working as an IT Engineer.

I just got some contract of Annual IT Maintenance. So having problem over there. Describing below.

Client is having 1 file server running small business windows server 2003. Server is not configured with domain, it is working only on workgroup. We have around 15 users who are using that server as file server only.

Now my main question is do i need to configure DNS server in that server?

we also have internet connection running (have problem in that also, will explain next time) with wireless router to connected with switch.

So do i need to setup dns in server also or just put static ip (i prefer static then dhcp) & dns server from ip will be ok? If i put dns which i got from ISP, so will it create any problem with using those file from server?

the second question is..
what Ip addres, Default gateway and dns address i should use for Server & also client pc.
router ip -
server ip -
Currently no DNS setup

current configuration - Server
IP -
gateway -
dns - (from ISP)
dns2 - xxx.xx.xx.xx (from ISP)

current configuration - Client
IP - 192168.1.111(to 115)
subnet -
gateway -
dns 1 - (File Server)
dns 2 - (from ISP)

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May 30, 2012 at 07:44:19
If the server needs to go to the internet, you surely have to configure dns server in the ip settings of the network card.

While the server runs as a workgroup server, name resolution is made over netbios.

In the client ip configuration, you must not use the servers ip address for dns server, cause the server is not running dns server service.

Gateway address at client side is ok.
DNS servers ip address should be either your routers ip address or the ISPs DNS server ip address(es).

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May 31, 2012 at 02:45:21
actually antivirus server edition is there in server. so might it needs to update from yes, server needs internet. So "dns server in the ip settings of the network card." does it only mean i have to put dns server ip (which i got from ISP) in my network card ?

At client pc, so i dont need to put ip address of server anywhere? right?
It will be great help if u can specify that writtern ip address in my 1st post are correct or not?

In DNS server configuration at client side, do i need to use router ip or ISP dns ip?

Thanks again.

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