Connecting to remote hosts

June 11, 2009 at 13:59:59
Specs: Windows XP/various
Hi, I am a network IT professional, and i've come across a problem I'm unsure how to resolve without resorting to straight hacking.

I have several machines that are connected to my network but not on my domain. I do not know the physical location of the machines, and attempting to locate them is near impossible. I'm trying to connect to the machines so I can get a better understanding of where they are located and which of my customers they belong to. Here's a basic run down of where i'm at.

- I am able to ping all of the machines.
- going to start-> run, i am able to connect to the machines but am unable to get to c: drive or any other #d drive, hinting to me, they may be printers or scanners.
-when i connect via star->run there has always been a printer on the system, and more often than not a "printers" folder, just as though you were to connect to a regular workstation via start->run.
-a select few machines gives me a "credintials prompt" i.e. username/password, yet i am using my domain admin account, hinting to me they machine has been modified and rights removed.

these machines are currently viewed, understandably so, as major security risks to my network. I'm looking for possible DOS commands or any other capabilities to connect to these machines, again short of straight hacksing the systems. Thanks for your time and help.

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June 11, 2009 at 14:34:34
are you doing dhcp or wins?
either should have registered the mac address.
if you have managed switches their mac tables will tell you what port that mac is on. This will give you the location assuming your wiring closets cabling is marked.

Or download/use the getmac.exe

Do you have different ip segments in your lan? If so that will narrow down the general location.

Ideally with managed switches you could disable the port in the switch the rouge pcs are connected to.

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June 11, 2009 at 15:42:11
we have dhcp

we do have different segments, but that narrows it to too general of a grouping. hopefully the cables are marked, i'll get with my infrastructure guy to see if he has the macs, if not i'll see about using the above program and try to track them down via port. Thanks for the outside view, got tons of other projects i'm working so it was a huge help.

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