Solved Connecting many powerline networking devices together?

June 30, 2012 at 08:36:46
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Just curious how this works. Was looking at the Linksys PLEK400 powerline ethernet kit which has 2 adapters. It shows 1 of course goes by your router with the other wherever you want the new ethernet port to be.

Where I'm confused though is what if I want to wire say 3 rooms in my home for Ethernet but the router is in the basement? If I buy this kit, I'd put the 1 in the basement, and the other in room 1. How do I do room 2 and 3 though? Like can I just buy another one of these kits and then put one in room 2 and another in room 3 with them all connecting back to the one in the basement? Or are they set up that one is a "master" and the other is a "slave" in that I would need to buy 3 kits and put 3 of them in the basement with 3 ethernet cables running into the router?

I'm hoping its not the latter but just confused as it's not really clear. They have the other model that adds 4 ethernet ports but that seems more like it just has a switch built in.

Also with powerline do I have to stick to the same vendor? Like if I did get this kit and did want to add more (assuming I can do that) does it have to then all be Linksys? Thanks!

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June 30, 2012 at 09:26:09
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It's easier to stick to the same vendor, but you can work around mixing devices.

You only need the one unit connected to your router, you can then run 3 more quite easily in different parts of the house - I have the same set up here, only using 2 at the moment but they could easily handle more (mine are 'Devolo' branded & I can recommend them). Just plug & play essentially unless you need to add extra security which they all offer (in case you share your mains with another house or whatever).

The ones with extra ports are, as you say, just switches which are added to the network adapter. These devices really are the best thing since sliced bread as far as home networking is concerned.

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