connecting laptop to my home internet

July 27, 2010 at 10:50:01
Specs: Windows xp
I got a work laptop recently and would like to be able to connect to internet on it to be able to work.

At home i have a wireless internet set up through a broadband router. The laptop's wireless for security reasons is not enabled and i therefore need to connect it directly to the router - i did so but i only get a LAN set up and no internet.

What am i missing?

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July 27, 2010 at 11:13:37
If this is a laptop still/normally connected to a workplace network (lan) and thus part of the company kit, then likely it is configured to be part of a domain? If so then it's not really wise to try and get it to connect to your home system - which not be a domain - more likely a work group.

If you did connect it to your workgroup - and it can done... - then you would no-longer be able to connect to the company domain/lan.. - without the assistance of your IT/lan-admin....

However.. if you chat to your IT support people.. they may set up an option to allow both. It can done and is in effect a second hardware config (if I remember correctly); and you have to choose which one you want to use at boot time...

Not having gone this route I can't advise much further with certainty and greater clarity; but possibly Wanderer may pick up on this one advise further (I think he has dealt with this situation in the past?).

Personally if I was company IT support/admin I'd be very loathe to permit a company laptop to be used on less secure network (your home network etc..) than the company's...; unless I had sufficient security etc. in place for when sed laptop is connected to company lan etc..?

If this an "ex" company laptop (and now no-longre used on the company lan etc..) then post back with more details etc.; make, model and what your internet connection is - router details etc...

If the company doesn't use a domain system but instead uses the workgroup model (and this laptop is still used within that workgroup) - again post back... That model "may" allow you some options.

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