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connect to dialup using wireless router

January 18, 2011 at 17:17:33
Specs: Windows Vista
I don't really understand a lot of the technical stuff I have read but this looks like the place to get my answer. We live in a National Forest and the only internet connection is dial up. I have an HP desktop and an Acer Aspire 16" laptop that I have had for 2 years. The laptop has built in WiFi, but luckily has a 56k modem also. Now for the problem....Saturday my husband bought me a wireless Velocity Cruz 7" color Tablet. I has been told in the past that all I had to do was buy a wireless router and plug it into the phone line. But today I called both Radio Shack and Office Max and asked if you could hook up a wireless router to dialup and both places told me absolutely not because dialup was too slow. But different things I have read here on this site make me hopeful that it may be possible. If so exactly what kind of router do I need?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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January 18, 2011 at 18:02:33
I am afraid you were told right but for completely wrong reasons although dial up is a lot slower than wireless.

Wireless routers are designed to be used on broadband, that is cable or DSL, which is a completely different technology than 56K dial up.

The only way that it could be made to work is if you could get yourself a dial-up router but they are as about as common has hens teeth and expensive. Even when dial up was the norm, dial-up routers were expensive, even more so now if you can actually find one.

You can still use the wireless router to connect you laptop and the tablet to each other, you don't need the Internet to make a local connection. You would still have to connect to the Internet via the 56K modem.

To do that you will need to make a temporary wired connection to the wireless router in order to configure it. That should be easy is the laptop also has a built in Ethernet connection. Most do these days.

The simplest solution though would be to buy a switch and you can connect your laptop to the tablet with that, that is assuming the table also has an Ethernet connection.

An even simpler solution is to connect the laptop and the tablet directly with a crossover cable which is designed to connect two devices to each other.

Once you have the laptop and tablet communicating with each other, you could set up Internet Connection Sharing on the laptop which would give the tablet access to the Internet via the 56K Modem.


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