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Configuring Printer on multiple subnets

Dell Dell 1700 / 1700n / 1710 / 1710n b...
November 30, 2010 at 18:26:46
Specs: Windows XP
I work for a school district,and we have two identical laptop carts. Each cart contains 20 Dell laptops, 1 - cisco wirless router, 1 - dlink 5port hub, and 1 - Dell 1700n printer. Each classroom has three to four active network drops.

Currently we do not have a consistant method of sharing the printers on our laptop carts. The printer is network capable, but it seems that my colleagues have been trying to share the printer off of one laptops which is inconsistant at best. Here is my suggestion, and I am hoping for any feedback which can help me resolve this situation.

- There are four subnets in the school
- A DHCP server assigning IP Addresses
- When setting up the laptops, I utilize the Cisco router plugging it into an active network port
- Whenever the laptops boot-up, they obtain an IP Address on the subnet that they are residing
Possible Solution:
I think I should be able to have the MAC address of the printer associated with an IP Address on the DHCP server. I should be able to reserve that IP address on the DHCP server and configure the printer with this particular ip address. The outcome being that everytime the printer boots up; it will always have the same IP Address.

If this is done, can the print queue be seen on the network from any subnet. If so, this would allow me to be able to setup a print queue that would go with the laptops and be available to them on any subnet in the building?

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December 1, 2010 at 07:06:28
if you let the printer get a dhcp ip it would be in the same subnet as the rest. you should be able to print to a share name which would stay the same.

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