Solved Configure Cisco DDR2200-cl modem as a repeater

July 5, 2015 at 10:32:42
Specs: Windows 7
trying to establish a longer range for my wireless network using a cisco 2200ddr-cl with a westell 7500 wireless router

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July 5, 2015 at 12:27:53
Login to the browser based menu & see if repeater or bridge is available.

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July 5, 2015 at 13:26:58
This is the complete manual for your Cisco:

And if using the WDS method to extend wifi then likely most of the info you need is in Chapter5 in the manual (from page 107 onwards); the wifi bridge section is around page 153 onwards. And to use WDS the Westell must have that facility as well.

The basic method - when no WDS - is to disable DHCP on the second router; enable wifi and security; assign a different ip address to the second router’s default ip address; leave the gateway as is. Set the router to be extender/repeater (part of the wifi setup). Reboot the second router to confirm the settings.

On the main router reserve the “new” ip address for the second router in its reserved ip address listing.

Not knowing your router(s), the following is based on how I setup a Sky flashed SAGEM router (no WDS option allowed) and an elderly Speedtouch. I post it as possible general guide/model on which to base your setup - not using WDS. I have obviously substituted Cisco ip info in place of Speetouch.

Connect the router to a computer directly via a cat-5/Ethernet cable.

Login to the Cisco router’s homepage:

Username / password = admin / admin

Navigate your way to the wifi setup page; and enable wifi. Ideally setup its access key/password too. Note what those details are; although you will not use the access-key anon; but will need to know the Cisco SSID.

Navigate your to Home Network page(s); disable DHCP server (by default it is enabled).

Change the default ip address to say (Whatever you change it to -REMEMBER what it is…)

You will also need to ensure that the wireless bridge option is enabled (I think by default it’s not). See page 153 in the manual for this setting.

From the manual it appears that the Cisco does allow WDS option for wifi extension; but will require the other (your main) router also has that option?

The problem with using wifi as the “only” link between the two routers is stability and reliability of the connection. An connection is by far the better; more stable and also faster…

If prompted for a user name/password in a dialogue box which refers to the second (Cisco) router… (it will show the ip address for it and/or a name clearly Cisco) use the one for the first/main (Westell) router.

The default Cisco combination will “only” work if the Cisco router’s ip address is what it is out of the box… You will be accessing the Cisco homepages etc “via” the first (Westell) router…

In the list of wifi access points both the Westell and the Cisco will be shown with their respective SSID. The access key etc. is the same for both routers, as the Cisco is controlled by the Westell (if that makes sense).

I haven’t played with WDS - yet; so I’m not entirely sure if my “manual” version applies quite as I have detailed; particularly the bridge/repeater aspect. On a Speedtouch there is wireless repeater option - which by default is disabled. Once that’s enabled and the other changes (as above) completed - and system rebooted - it works fine…

Again the WDS option is only viable if both routers have the facility.

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July 5, 2015 at 13:45:21
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I think this is the manual for your Westell? And if so - then judging by the windows OS it mentions I suspect it's quite "elderly"; at least similar in age/generation to my Speedtouch.

I've posted two sources; just in-cse there are Verizon customised settings etc in "the Westell you have - if it is/was supplied by Verizon... A cursory check between the two manuals versions and they appear to be the same...? It's not uncommon for ISPs to tweak (flash) routers they supply to that ISP's preferences and limitations; Sky in the UK certainly do.

There is no mention of WDS at all which wouldn't surprise me if it as elderly as I think it is... The Cisco is by far the newer obviously.

Since only one router has WDS option, I suggest you will have to use the manual approach - based on the method I posted above....

The Westell is able to act as a bridge too - i.e. be second router... And it may be better to setup the Cisco as your main router; and the Westell as the second one... Again my earlier post details the general idea?

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