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Solved Cisco Linksys E2500 router

March 30, 2020 at 14:07:31
Specs: Windows 10
Ever since we had a power outage a few days ago, the Epson XP-310 printer got shut off. It started back up just fine and prints fine and scans to my Lenovo AMD A8 laptop just fine too.
My problem is that I can receive e-mails but cannot send e-mails. I get an "ALERT: An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 552 5.2.0<>
sender rejected. AUP#OUT. Please check the message and try again."
After several hours of frustration trying to find the problem even using my NETWORK CHECK everything says "PASS" but their is a message: ( *A router/access point channel conflict has been detected. If you have problems printing or scanning, improve your wireless network environment. If your problem persists, see your documentation for help and networking tips.) How can I fix this problem? Do I start with the router, the internet provider, the printer, or the computer itself? The printer is hardwire-connected to the laptop and the router. However, the 5 security cameras we have are Wi-Fi and they quit at the same time. Thank You.

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March 30, 2020 at 21:06:15
Unplug your router and printer, let them rest a minute and plug them in again.
See if that helps.
It sounds like it might be an IP address conflict or something similar, restarting both may resolve it, especially if the printer takes its IP address from the router rather than being a fixed IP address. If fixed you may have to manually change it out of the range of the routers choices for assigned numbers.

I would recommend a UPS (power battery back up) for your network hardware and security camera system, probably 1000VA or higher and 1400VA or higher if shared with a desktop computer.

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March 31, 2020 at 08:32:44
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If recycling the power on your router doesn't fix the issue, you will want to contact your ISP's support people.

Just to add to what Fingers said about a UPS. If you don't have a lot of $$ to spare, have a look at these:


I'm a big fan of APC products. I've been dealing with them for years and have had nothing but good experiences with them. In fact, I use both the above products in my home as well as a Back-UPS 750 which I have here in my home office.

They provide the usual surge suppression and power conditioning and battery backup. While a 550 to 750 Va doesn't provide a whole lot of run time, you don't really need it if you're at home. I will provide enough run time to shutdown gracefully. They definitely do protect against brown outs and power bumps.

I get the odd brownout here at home. The lights will dim momentarily and without the Back-UPS's my PC,'s routers and home theater system would all shutdown. Because all are protected, it never happens.

Definitely worth the investment.

One of the biggest reason's I'm a fan of APC (aside from the reliability of their equipment) is their warranty. While I don't suggest you should just run out and buy APC because a stranger recommended it, I do suggest you do some comparing. Price/specifications and cost of replacement batteries are what to look for. Then, look at reviews. and go with what will server you best.

If you do require longer battery run time and have the $$$ then by all means, look at APC's Smart-UPS's. The Smart-UPS' are pricier than the Back-UPS' which is why I use the Back-UPS' in my home. It's rare I have a power outage longer than a few seconds.

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