Can't log on to domain after joining workgroup

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January 12, 2012 at 22:33:52
Specs: Window XP Professional SP2, Intel ® Pentium ® 4 CPU 2.66 GHz
Hi all,
I cannot join domain it saying that "Computer name changes", “A domain controller for the domain MyDomain could not be contacted.”.
We have domain and workgroup, Actually first its already joined the domain, but I want to map
the sharedrive inside the workgroup but I cannot map. Then I change to join workgroup. After
I boot up I cannot log in with that user, I log in with administrator and the user is dissappear in
the "User Account", but the profile inside document and setting still left surprise. I don't know why
Now I create one more user, it can map to share drive also share folder. also can see all other network
computer. But only left one is I cannot join the domain. I need this one because of we don't let
our user using as administrator account. Before I testing this one I should backup, but now the time
is over. Is some can help me?

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January 13, 2012 at 03:59:29
You cannot be part of both a domain and a workgroup at the same time. It is one or the other. When you join the workgroup you are disconnected from the domain.

A domain is a file/server network. A workgroup is a peer to peer network.


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January 13, 2012 at 11:08:08
You can access a domain controller by a pc in a workgroup. The workgroup name needs to be the same as the domain name...sort of
domain.local would be domain as workgroup
as long as the user has a valid account [should match the workgroup user account and with same password] they should be able to access resources they are assigned on the server

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