Cant change my WEP key!

May 10, 2009 at 16:35:36
Specs: XP
I am a simpleton, and will try to keep this simple: I
want to use a wi-fi connection at my wifes workplace.
I know the network name; it has wep security; and I
have the key (password). I went into my wireless
network connection properties. Under the wireless
networks tab I added the network. For the properties
of this network, I set network authentication to open.
I set data encryption to WEP. I typed in the network
key-password, and retyped it in the confirm field. I hit
the OK. Under the advanced tab of the wireless
network connection box I hit settings and turned off
the windows firewall.

THe above worked, because the formerly hidden
network was now found by my computer. However, I
cant connect to the internet. When I went to
doublecheck everything, I saw the WEP key was not
the same as the one I had entered. The correct
network key I need to use is 5 characters, and the
network key that is showing is 8 characters. Here is
what I cant figure out- if I change the network key
(and confirm it), hit ok and close everything.... AND
then go back in to look at the key, it hasnt been
changed! it is the same 8 character key as before!

I guess this may be an old key from an old network.
Whatever it is, I dont use it and dont need it. My
wireless network at home is open and I dont use or
need a network key.

How can I get rid of this key so I can set up and
access this network. Thanks for the help!

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May 10, 2009 at 16:47:03
>> My wireless network at home is open and I dont use or need a network key. <<

So you are quite happy for anybody to come along and use your network and Internet connection for free and perhaps browse around you hard disk while they are at it?

When you say the number of character are you referring to the number of asterisks displayed. If so then it has little to do with the number of characters the password contains.


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