Cannot share over network

March 1, 2010 at 20:57:50
Specs: Windows XP
Okay here is my problem...I am trying to set up a wireless home network. I have done this several times before on the same 3 computers (re-networking due to moving and change of isp). For whatever reason all of the sudden I just can't get it to work.

Here is some in depth info on whats going on...

Can you see other computers on the network? No I cannot see them when clicking "My Network Places" but can see them if I click on "Workgroup" however get the access denied message when clicking on them.

Have you set any folders to be shared? Yes, all three computers have set shared folders. Printer sharing is also enabled on all three pc's.

Is the workgroup the same for all computers? Yes the workgroup is the same called "HOME"

When you say you can't share, What does that mean? Do you get an error like "you don't have permission" or "Access Denied" or you can't even see other computers? Yes this is the message I get.

Can you ping other computers? Yes I can successfully ping both of the other computers with no problem.

Are you able to use the internet on all computers? Yes all three of the computers can connect to the internet. The primary pc is wired and the "KIDS" and "DAD" pcs are connected wirelessly.

Are you Running any firewalls? Yes two of the pc's are running "ZoneAlarm" and the third is using windows firewall...all of which are disabled at the moment trying to figure this problem out.

I have tried everything I know of and everything I have read so far to try and resolve this issue and no matter what I do I can get no satisfactory results. This including the obvious of running Windows network set up wizard on all three pc's and using a flash drive to set up "Wireless Network". Any help you all can offer would be wonderful.

Oh as far as hardware:

PC 1: Win XP Media Center SP3, ZoneAlarm 9.1 (disabled), Avast! 4.8, & AdAware 8.2

PC2: Win XP Home SP2, AVG free, Windows Firewall

PC3: Win XP Home SP3, ZoneAlarm 9.1 (disabled), Avast! 5.0, & AdAware 8.2

ISP: Century Link using an "Embarq 660" modem also known as Zyxel 660R.

Router: Linksys Wireless N, model WRT300N

Thank you again for any help you can offer :)

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March 2, 2010 at 05:41:46
You've already ruled out a lot and I think the next thing to check out is the router.

Click on my name above in my response and read through my "how-to" guide on troubleshooting a wireless issue. Run through the router troubleshooting steps and see if anything suggested there fixes it.

If not, also have a look at my guide for connecting to a network share. Adding appropriate user accounts to the machines with the shares may get rid of the problem as well.

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