can you do a ping form a HP IPAQ?

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August 29, 2009 at 20:15:15
Specs: WinXp Pro Sp2, P4 2.4GHz/ 512M & P4
I am having problems getting a HP IPAQ to connect to my Westall 327w DSL modem/router.

Can you do a ping from a HP IPAQ h5455? If so how.

Currently I have 3 computers successfully hooked up to this unit. 2 are hardwired the third is on a USB adapter Type B.

However no matter what I try I just can not get aHP IPAQ h5455 to connect with the Westell.

The h5455 has a built in WLAN and Bluetooth capability. I am only interested in the wireless feature.

As far as I can tell the h5455 has been updated with the latest upgrades to both Rom and WLAN. This has been confirmed by looking at the system information on the unit.

Now for what I have observed with what I believe to be the current setup on the WLAN.

If I look at my Westell with the h5455 off the indicator light for the wireless transmission is not transmitting. However when I turn on the h5455 the light on the Westell starts to flicker like it is transmitting.

I believe the h5455 is trying to get a IP address for itself but some how it can not.
The reason I feel this way is the case is because no IP address will show up in the Status report.
However if I use the deflaut setting and IP adress does show up. The problem here is this address is be obtained from my neighbors wireless modem and not mine.

Also if I try and use IE to go to a webpage, I get a error message
"A DHCP Server could not be contacted using cached lease information"

In the wireless setup I have provide the h5455 with my SSID which allow me to access the Internet,

So do anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? Do you need any more information to solve this problem. If so please ask and I will try and provide.

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August 30, 2009 at 03:07:49
Are you using any kind of security encryption protocol on your wireless network such as WEP or WPA ? What does your documentation on the HP device say about wireless security?

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August 30, 2009 at 04:17:46
I am not very knowledge about the Westell and the setting.

When I check the computer with the wireless connection on it , the network is unencrypted. Is this what you mean by WPA?

As for the IPAQ, when setting up the profile one of the choices is to encrypt or not. I have chose not to encrypt.

The IPAQ has only WEP as a choice for encryption.
On the setup page for the IPAQ connection their is a page for the choice are as followed.

WEP Encryption: Disabled, 64 bit, 128bit , LEAP
WEP Keys: Hexadecimal, alphanumeric
Key 1: ******
Key 2: *****
Key 3:*****
Key 4: ****

Key Number : 1 2 3 4

That is what is on the IPAQ WLAN Profile Wizard page.

Is this the information that you requested?
What additional information might you need?

Thanks for trying to help me here.

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