Can not connect to online games

Netgear Kwgr614 54 mbps wireless router
April 6, 2010 at 14:31:58
Specs: Windows XP

I can use the internet such as browsing websites, streaming videos etc fine, the only problem I am having is connecting to online games. I can not log in to games such as the Steam server, league of legends, or for Warcraft 3.

I have set my static ip to, and then forwarded the required ports to that address. For example for Warcraft 3, I have forwarded ports 6112-6119. I have also opened those ports on my windows firewall. Finally, I have disabled the router's firewall, as well as windows xp firewall.

I looked at the guide on my router's website: and done everything they suggest.

One cause for alarm is when I check to see if my ports are indeed open using this website: , it says my ports are still closed.

Another factor that may be important is I used to plug my computer directly into the internet socket in the wall and I could access online games. I then set up the router and could not play online. I then tried reverting to when I could play online by plugging directly into the wall again and it no longer worked.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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April 6, 2010 at 16:32:49
Undo everything you have done.

Forwarding is ONLY done if you are HOSTING a game.

You are not hosting but going to a game. There is no forwarding of any kind when accessing a game outside of your system.

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April 6, 2010 at 18:49:05
I have reset the router and windows xp firewall so they have their default settings and I still have the same problem.

I experimented a lot with my network connections, using the wizard to create networks like a madman. Is there a way I can also reset it without reinstalling my operating system?

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