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November 24, 2015 at 22:24:46
Specs: Windows 7
Ok guys so I went to walmart first and bought a Belkin Wifi Range Extender N300 - F9K1015V1. It is the version without a enternet port. So i plug it into my wall outlet, I look on both my laptop and my desktop, along with my phone and tablet and none show belkin.setup in the wifi connections. I thought it was a faulty device so i return it and buy a new one - same issue. I got to target across the street buy the exact same model ( actually cheaper ) and the exact same issue happens. I've reset the wifi extenders and nothing. I've reset my router - nothing. I also tried on a different router, etc. Nope ! Can someome please help me..!!!!! Thank You

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November 25, 2015 at 04:38:58
Is this a simple plug in and go device... Certainly the general info on the web seems to suggest you have "a little" setup to routine for it?

Which having said... Looking at the Belkin extender range there appear to be two styles: one is a simple module that plugs into a main outlet and has no antennae poking out, the other is a little larger and has two antennae poking out?

Yours would appear to the simple no antennae model (single band). whereas the one with antennae is dual band?

discusses your model.

Fair to say it does get mixed reviews out in the www-land. Also there is a little input required from you - re' knowing the SSID and access key for your current router not the least....

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November 25, 2015 at 05:57:37
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I set up a similar wireless extender recently.


(1) first you need to connect it to the wall outlet.

Edit missed step: you need to be within its wireless range (right next to it) and connect to it using the details provided by the manufacturer.

(2) you need to log into it with the provided web address (using one device only as this only a setup process).
(3) once you have logged into it you need to identify your own wireless SSID and provide it with the security details (encryption key / wireless password)
(4) save settings and exit the setup page.

From this point all devices that access your homes wireless network should be able to without changing any settings. The wireless extender will duplicate the wireless routers signal. The extender basically clones the signal and casts it further using the same SSID and encryption key (wireless password).

The extender I set up was a netgear one but I imagine the technology is the same between brands.

Edit: The wireless extender needs to be placed in an area where your devices can still get a signal from your router.

If you place the extender in a place where you would like the signal to be it probably won't work as the homes wifi simply doesn't reach that far.

Plug it into the furtherest point from the router where a signal is steady, but in the closest point where you would like the signal to be, if you get my drift.

Here is an image to describe what I mean:
It shows the wireless routers range and the extender placed within it. It shows the extenders range with the end devices that are able to connect outside of the range of the original signal.

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