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December 24, 2013 at 13:58:51
Specs: Windows Vista

I am not able to connect to the internet using Belkin N150 Router. I have been able to connect in the past. The router light is solid orange color instead of blue. In the system tray pop up says Wireless hardware cannot be detected on your computer and may have been turned off. Click to learn how to turn your wireless radio on. I have never had wireless radio.
I have pressed the reset button on the router numerous times. When I do so the light turns blue for a few seconds then turns orange. I have also unplugged and replugged in the router but that does not solve the issue.
I am able to connect to the internet without the router.
I do not know the age of the router it was given to me as a gift.
I also do not know the router user name and password if I need to reinstall the software.
Seems when I have installed firewalls I have connection issues. I am not sure if that has to do with the router or if that is a different issue.
Please tell me how to resolve this issue. Is the router no longer any good or is this another issue?
Vista is my OS.

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December 24, 2013 at 15:03:56
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mmm... Have you managed to check (using another router) that you have an active/working dsl connection?

The led that says it's working - blinking on and then off - and staying "off" can often mean there is:

a) no actual service working...


b) the modem within the router has failed - if it doesn't respond/recover after a hard reset.

Typical login/password for a router is admin/password - when you go to the web-address to configure/set it up... (Sky use sky/admin – just be different…) Which having said… it appears that this Belkin router does not come with an actual password for the web-site access... See page 19 in the manual - link below for full “detailed” how to…

However... many (all?) do come with an access key (security key - wep, wpa, wpa2 etc. already set - which is required to connect to the wifi aspect - providing you have chosen to use that facility and the suggested security associated with it (which is wise to do...) You can change the key details if you wish - many do...; but do keep hard copy of it in a few places... whether you change it or not... See more in the manual and briefly below (SSID)

is the manual for your Belkin router; download, save - and have browse to start with...

Suggest you read page 11 at least; explains what the leds mean...; and page 14 onwards takes you through the setup...

Page 22 goes through the reset routine. Do NOT get into Firmware updates routine (pages 20-21)!

may be worth a quick browse... But everything you need to know (specific to your n170) is in the manual...

As I say above, while for “some” routers you may use (typically) admin/password to get into actual web-site and setup for the router - Belkin appears to do it differently (page 19)...

SSID - When you access the Belkin website for your router, you can find what the SSID is - and any Security Key information already set up. The SSID is the signature/name of the router you look for when you are using wifi; and you need the security/access Key to connect to it...

You say you don't have the CD...; I have don't recall ever needing one to set up a router. I have used several Netgear (Sky badged beasties) and a Speedtouch. Although I did run the one for my (now elderly) Speedtouch an age ago; and it does talk you through setting it up and so on... But the manual is usually more then enough if you read and follow it carefully.

I would borrow another working router - and see if it gets the locked/correct coloured led to indicates it's getting a proper/stable signal incoming. If an known to be working router also fails to lock up... then more than likely there are problems with your dsl service; and I suggest you contact your service/supplier to verify their side of things... Also test the actual dsl cable from the router to the wall-plate or whatever… They have been known to fail/go intermittent…

But it won't hurt to go through the setup as per the manual first - especially as over Christmas getting any reliable/decent tech support from your dsl provider is - er mmm???

Initially I'd focus on testing with another router; and going to the Belkin website to set the router up - if it will get you there. I'd not be concerned with wifi - until you "know" both the router and your dsl service are working OK. Get the standard cat-5/ethernet/wired connections working first.

Incidentally – where are you located?

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