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January 3, 2014 at 12:14:00
Specs: Windows 8.1, 4 GB Pentum 4
I just installed a Linksys router on a Dell XPS which has a hardwired internet network.
I'm confused by the fact that if I click the network icon on the taskbar, the window that appears shows me all the wireless networks available.
This did not happen before when I was using only the Uverse modem/router, which I'm using solely a modem with its wireless disabled.

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January 3, 2014 at 13:31:52
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mmm If you have a current model access router - and its wifi is set to be active (i.e. enabled) then the router will broadcast its own SSID (its "personal" name in the wifi world). Any visible router (one that is broadcasting its SSID) in your area will show up on any computer with wifi reception/connection enabled if within range (of you in this case).

If your computer wifi is enabled - then it will (or ought to) show "all" visible wifi access points (routers) within range.

So… When you had your previous router - was wifi enabled on your Dell? Is it now (however it came about)? Presumably it is as otherwise you wouldn't "see" all the wifi points…

Are you sure you're clicking on the ethernet/cat-5 network icon on your Dell; and not the wifi icon - they do often look the same…

If you know the SSID for your new Linksys - and also the password to join it it via wifi… you can use it. if you don't want your new Linksys to radiate (work on wifi) simply turn of/disable wifi part of the router…

If you don't want wifi enabled on your Dell, don't want to use it - simply turn it off..

To help folks here help you more fully, post back with the actual model of your Linksys; and also details of your Dell PC (model etc.).

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January 3, 2014 at 14:05:10
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply.
I didn't notice that the Dell's wi-fi adapter was not disabled as it should have been.
Did that and everything is fine now.

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January 3, 2014 at 14:23:04
You're most welcome... So easy sometimes not to notice which icon is which; or that sometimes one is active (or not) as appropriate...

Happy 2014

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