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April 16, 2015 at 04:55:07
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Barrie, ON (Canada)
I use Rogers, and don't like it. I'd like opinions on Rogers and/or other internet providers ... I'd like to know which you think is the best-yet-least-expensive... advice?

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April 16, 2015 at 06:50:17
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I'd love to help but I live in Alberta and my local providers are likely not the same as the ones in your area. I'm pretty sure I'm the only regular on there who lives in Canada. If not and you're real lucky, one of the others lives out east and actually has experience with your local providers.

If not, here's what I can tell you, a quick google search of "Barrie, ON ISP's" should yield a list of ISP's available in your area. Once you have that, go to each providers web site and research their different packages and compare.

Most providers are going to be able to provide you with similar enough access so as to make one no "better" than the other as far as actual bandwidth goes. What can, and likely will differ is cost, amount of data you can safely download per month, email accounts and things like that.

So research, compare and go with whomever offers you what you want at the best price.

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