adding a second network switch

October 28, 2010 at 10:20:03
Specs: xp32, 555 phenom
Ok stupid question time. I can not think of a single reason this would hurt my network but I figured I better ask.

I have 15 computers server from a gb 24 port switch. Currently I have 4 jacks in each room. I'm moving to a location where there is one jack in each room. My thought is a 4 port gb switch for each room that requires more then one jack.

Granted, its not as cheep as running wires, but it is certainly easier. Am I over thinking anything? Will this work just as well?

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October 28, 2010 at 10:41:51
No reason why it shouldn't work. Just the kind of thing switches were made for.

In fact switches may even be cheaper than laying loads more cable depending in the distances involved.


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October 28, 2010 at 12:46:14
The only problem I can see with doing things this way is the load on the single network connection from the room back to the main switch.

If you have 4 outlets in each room and plug one device into each port, then each has it's own connection.

If you have only a single outlet in each room and you plug a switch into that outlet and then 4 devices into the switch, you have 4 times the data on that one connection.

Now, if you're talking 1000 Mbps on that link and 4 servers that don't use up a whole lot of bandwidth, not a big deal. However, if you're talking 4 very busy servers that each uses up a lot of bandwidth then not so good.

If you're talking 4 very busy servers that each uses up a lot of bandwidth and a 100 Mbps uplink then you may want to consider pulling some cables.

I suspect that if you have a 1000 Mbps link it should be just fine. The only real way to tell is to try it and see.

One last thing.

If this is a permanent location you really REALLY need to consider future expansion.

It's been my experience companies grow (well ok, the ones that do well) and as they do, so do their IT requirements. This setup may be just fine right now but may be a problem in one or two or five years. If you see a potential for growth then I highly recommend you pull cables now. And pull enough for future expansion.

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