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Accessing SIEMENS Gigaset SE568

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Hey all,

I am having a small home network consists of two laptops connected to the internet though Siemens Gigaset SE568 modem, the problem is that I cant access the modem settings page to unable wireless functionality, I spent the last couple of days ago searching google and siemens website and I have tried all the ways to access it but with no luck. I will list the things that I have done to access the modem/router:

1) I have tried all the possible IP addresses / / / and the one that recommended by Siemens “http://gigaset” in my web browser.

2) typing “ipconfig” in the console and take the default gateway IP address.
3) typing “tracert” in the console and take the first IP address.

please help me, I have tried a lot of ip addresses with no luck, I dont know what is the problem…. Any help would be greatly appreciated …

Thanks in advance