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March 5, 2010 at 10:09:44
Specs: Windows 7
When I first got Windows 7 laptop w/wifi, I could connect right away thru an unsecured network on the “list of available connections”- assume this is a neighbor. Connecting to my OWN network was hit&miss til I ran ipconfig on XP desktop. XP default network name is MSHOME, laptop was WORKGROUP, so I changed laptop to MSHOME. Then changed laptop from connect & find dns server automatically to the same settings as XP desktop, changing the last number of the ip address from .7 to .8. I connect to internet and desktop AND even to my old laptop (when I turn it on) just fine now. So what is problem? One, my network on list of avail connecs shows up as unsecured. I want to change Router name and enable WPA for security. No matter what login address I use from either machine (;,; or net), I can’t get into log on page for my Netgear M814.v2 router. Also, my default gateway address (which I thought was supposed to be router address) is the same as my preferred DNS server address. When I put that in browser, it brings up BellSouth Fast Access page with all my dsl connection info – the addresses on that page are all different from ipconfig addresses (they start with 65. Instead of 192.). When I ran wireless network wizard on XP desktop and chose add device manually, I got a printout page with a network key and says key is provided automatically (802.1x): 0. But I don’t think I have security because I have yellow icon next to my network on “available” list. So how do I get on Netgear to make changes if router address is bellsouth page? I also read router may not let log in if there is more than 1 computer on it. So pull wireless adapter card out of old laptop and reconfig settings on new one back to find ip address & dns automatically, then try from desktop? ('cause just leaving 1 computer on isn't working no matter which ones are on or off).If I do get to logon router, if I change name/enable WPA, am I going to lose my dsl on desktop connected to router thru Ethernet cable? Almost afraid to try it. My other problem is like I said, out of box I could connect to a “stranger’s” network. Now that I’ve configured laptop to connect automatically to my own network when in range, I can’t seem to connect to any public or unsecured networks when I am away from home and out of range of my own network, even if I reset to finding ip&dns automatically. What do I put laptop settings at so I can connect to other available networks when not home? Thanks to anyone who can help. Nu2(networking)

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March 6, 2010 at 06:05:09
Man it would be so nice if you used paragraphs!

Do yourself a favor, call your provider's support line and ask them for help.

It sounds like they have supplied you with a combo modem/router type unit and you're trying to add another router into the mix.

If I'm correct, you don't need to add your router.

My ISP supplied me with a combo unit and I'm able to login to the management interface on it and configure it however I please. You should be able to as well and I've never heard of an instance where you couldn't.

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March 6, 2010 at 07:22:18
Thank you.
Will try to use better formatting.

I have a Westall Wirespeed dual connect model B90-220030-04. This is described as an external DSL modem, Does the "dual" mean it is also a router?

Regardless, I still have a yellow ethernet cord running from it to Netgear router. And my network still comes up as NETGEAR.

Network map looks like this: ACER(laptop name)----NETGEAR----GATEWAY----INTERNET(earth globe pic).

Logging back into fast access page using default gateway address gives me an remote access option that gets me to a login page.
I log in and it all it says I have remote access for 20 minutes or till logoff.

Should I try "disconnect" option on fast access page to get off dsl modem and then try to get on Netgear or do you still think I need to contact ISP to find out how to have WPA security configured?

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