Accessing Internet chat via Proxy Server

October 9, 2010 at 10:47:36
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 6 Gb DDR2 dual channel
I am interested in accessing Chat programs whose client/servers I have downloaded and installed on my PC. The 3 programs that I have on my PC -in case anyone wants to take a peek - can be found in the following Internet addresses:
a. (Halsoft Chat)
b. (Yak Chat)

I would like to open the signing pages of all 3 of those Chat programs from icons sitting on my desktop BUT through a masking Proxy Server.

Can anyone help me set this Proxy Server. I do get daily free server addresses to use but I cannot figure how to set them outside my private browser.

I would appreciate savvy advice from knowledgeable persons and /or whomever has been able to make this work on their own computers. I also use Firefox 3.6.4 as my main browser but i think that this has nothing to do with the browser give that i use client/server to sign into these Chat programs

Thank you kindly

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October 9, 2010 at 13:57:49
Well, most network-enabled software will have proxy options.

I've never used any of those chat programs - have you looked through the Options for each program? It has no option to configure a proxy or a server address in the software??

You can use Privoxy to force non-proxy enabled traffic over a proxy. (I.e., instead of connecting to, it connects to your local machine (privoxy) which then forwards the request onto a proxy server on your behalf)

But, you'd need to be able to specify the server address to do that...and further, if the program uses a pool of servers (or a pool of differnet ports for access), you'll have even more difficulty.

You can also spoof the DNS answer for the server (see, editing hosts file), direct it back at your local machine, then use privoxy to forward it to where it needs to go (by IP address obviously, hostnames will not work)

Also, hopefully this traffic isn't using any encryption, as it'll just make your job more difficult.

In short - look around the Options for each program & try to find proxy settings. It is possible to force the traffic over a proxy if it doesn't support it, but it's a gigantic PITA to setup.

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