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September 24, 2012 at 00:46:53
Specs: Windows server 2008

we have two servers in our network, one functions as a file server (windows server 2008) and the other as a domain controller with active directory and some database applications running on it (windows SBS 2003).

the file server has folders for the different units in our company, these are shared folders. these folders can be accessed by anyone with a domain login by running \\servername from their computers, without any further authentication required. this is not an ideal setup as anyone can access and even change anything. it is a serious security issue.

i have tried to set up sharing restrictions with no success, for example the Accounts folder, i right click on it and select properties, and the sharing or security. under both tabs i added three names of those that i want to have access to the folder. these names appear in the sharing list together with:

administrators (servername\administrators)

everyone has not been added as is the case with all other folders. what is this system on the list?

please assist on how i can restrict access, perhaps there is a setting that i have missed or settings in the network that prevent these resctrictions

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September 24, 2012 at 01:17:08
The best way to resrtict access is to use the normal filesystem security settings. As a Network Administrator you really should know this very basic stuff. If not, I recommend that you book yourself on a Windows Server course immediately, or even just buy a good book about Windows Server; there are too many things that you can do wrong if you lack basic administration knowledge.

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