Access devices on different Subnet

August 23, 2011 at 14:29:13
Specs: Windows 7
I have a problem with my 2 networks which are 1000 meters apart.

One is my HOME the other is my CARAVAN SITE. both networks are working fine independently, the problem occurs when i join the networks together.

I need to connect the said networks together in order to view my IP cameras which are dotted all around the campsite, i need to be able to view these from HOME.

The problems i am having is DHCP servers are stealing clients from the other sides and directing them to the wrong gateway.

please see below network map (these routers are all running DDWRT)

Below is another network map which someone on another forum told me to do but its still not working. (DHCP servers are still clashing and still stealing clients)

by the way, on both of the network maps all routers are connected with the LAN interface. someone told me to connect certain routers with WAN and it didn't work, or it was not explained correctly.

Also please note that assigning clients with Static IP's is completely out of the question due to most of the clients being campers who come and go.

I need someone to spent a little time explaining me (in plain english) and going step by step and listing all the things i need to tweak on each router, missing nothing out.

I control several websites and i am more than willing to share a link or two.

just really need some help before i tear my hair out!!

thanks for looking

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August 23, 2011 at 14:38:22
From the sounds of it you have two networks (subnets)

1) cameras located around campgrounds using a wireless LAN
2) a "guest" type wireless network for campers to get internet access

It sounds like guests are inadvertently connecting to the camer subnet and getting TCP/IP settings from that LAN's DHCP server and thus, can't get internet connectivity.

If I'm correct, the simple solution is, all cameras should have static IP addresses and DHCP should be disabled on that subnet. If there is no DHCP server running on that LAN, then guests can't get TCP/IP settings from it. This would leave only the "guest" WLAN and it's DHCP server to connect them.

If I'm wrong, please explain a little more clearly what's going wrong.

Just FYI, your images did not appear. You would have to upload them to some place like photobucket and then place links to the images in your response for us to see them.

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