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Solved 802.11n or wait for IEEE-certified 802.11ac wifi router?

September 4, 2012 at 10:08:14
Specs: Macintosh
Started looking at wireless routers (currently have a wired router), because I want to access my network with my Galaxy 2S phone and laptops.

Doing some research and found that 802.11n is currently the best, but that 802.11ac will be much faster and that the first 11ac routers just hit the market.

I looked at 802.11n routers, I feel that the WD My Net N900 HD Dual-Band Router might be the best bet for me, since it was designed specifically to accelerate movies, video and gaming, which I want.

It is the 802.11ac routers that seem more complex. First there is the issue of range, which seems like it might be less then the 11n routers, but they are much faster.

The other issue is that the 'Wifi Certified' testing won't begin till early next year, which means that these first 802.11ac routers are not Wifi Certified.

This article has more info on this:

Even though the WD N900 802.11n router is great, I feel it is best to wait on 802.11ac till the Wifi Certified routers come out.

Am I crazy for wanting to wait till early next year to buy an 802.11ac router?

Should I get the WD N900 11n router now?

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September 4, 2012 at 13:00:34
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I would buy the 11n router if it were me.

I didn't read the article but as far as I know, 11ac hasn't been made a standard yet. Untill it has been standardized, there's no guarantee one manufacturer's equipment will work with another.

Besides, unless your clients have 11ac interfaces on them, the best they'll do is 11n anyhow.

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