2 Routers with Static IP's for one ISP

Netgear rangemax dual ban... / Wndr3300
January 20, 2010 at 11:36:14
Specs: Win XP Pro
Hello, I have need of a router to share internet in a
coffee shop while keeping it separate from our LAN.
We have a block of static IP's and I don't exactly
know how to set something like this up. As it is the
ISP comes into a Net Vanta 3200 router and then to a
24port switch and then via DHCP to all devices on the
network. The second router for the coffee shop comes
off of the 24 port switch as well. Where do I go from

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January 20, 2010 at 12:12:39
forget about the static ips. they are of no use to you.
on the net vanta change the dhcp scope to be one ip less then the total.
Set that ip as static on the wan interface of the 2nd router
Connect the router wan port to the switch as it is now.
Configure the 2nd router to provide dhcp in a different subnet than that of those off the switch.
Unless you only have 4 pcs for the coffee shop business you will need to connect a switch to a lan port on the 2nd router. You can not have these pcs on the 24port switch.

Lets say 1st router dhcp scope is; with as gateway
You change the scope to

You assign with gateway to the wan interface on router 2
Dhcp scope on router 2 would be something like with gateway

Make sense?

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January 20, 2010 at 12:50:27
You should consider a device made for such use like hotels or coffee shops.

Look at Untangle first. It has a free software solution but both pay and hardware exist to protect you and your customers. There are many other products and software that are similar and do more or less.

You can't risk a customer downloading the wrong kind of stuff. You can also protect your lan with such a device.

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