2 routers with 2 subnets talking together

April 4, 2011 at 17:36:05
Specs: Windows XP
I want to setup two different CLASS C networks talking to one another.
CABLE MODEM connects to the WAN port of ROUTER 1 with some Comcast WAN IP. Router 1 is a Linksys router set as a GATEWAY router. ROUTER 1's LAN IP is The second router ROUTER 2 is also a Linksys Router that is set to ROUTER mode rather than GATEWAY mode. The LAN IP Address of ROUTER 2 is The two routers are connected together such that the cable on ROUTER 1 is connect to a LAN port and the other end is connected to the WAN port on ROUTER 2. I added a STATIC ROUTE to the route table of ROUTER 1 to route any requests for the Destination Network of with a Subnet Mask of to a Gateway of The is the WAN IP address of the ROUTER 2 system. From any computer in the 192.168.0.x cloud I can PING, TCP/UDP to any computer in the 192.168.1.x cloud. HOWEVER, I can ONLY PING any computer in the 192.168.0.x cloud from the 192.168.1.x cloud. I can not do UNC File shares even using the IP address instead of the NETBIOS name. How come PINGS can pass thru the second router but nothing else? What am I doing wrong? AND NO I do not want to make the second router into a SWITCH and NO I do not want to do any form of PORT FOWARDING or single DMZ setup. I mean, CISCO routers can easily do what I have mentioned above. Is it a matter of these Linksys routers do not carry the same routing protocols as in a CISCO router? At work, I can easily connect to different computers on different class networks without any issues (of course they are using CISCO routers). That's what I'm trying to accomplish on a much smaller scale. Why am I doing this? Because I have a small project at a site that I am working on and I want to seperate two parts of the building into different subnets to reduce broadcast and such but allow intercommunication between the two networks such as File and Printer Sharing or HTTP.


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April 5, 2011 at 07:05:55
When you set the second router to Router mode, The WAN port doesn't work like it normally would. Both Routers must be plugged into LAN ports only.

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April 5, 2011 at 07:11:36
For a guide on setting up your network how you wish to, click on my name above in my response and read my "how-to" guide titled, "Add a second Router to your LAN"

Since you want to have two separarte subnets that can talk to each other you'll want to use version 2 (connecting LAN port of upstream router to WAN port of downstream router).

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April 5, 2011 at 14:36:58
YES! I finally got it working last night. I swapped out the two routers and then intercommunication started to work. One of the two Linksys routers was older than the other. So, the older one is now my primary router (ROUTER 1) and the newer is (ROUTER 2). The LAN on ROUTER 1 is 192.168.1.x and the LAN on ROUTER 2 is 192.168.5.x. The difference between the two routers is the newer one has a NAT on/off option, while the older one has Gateway/Router mode option. They sound the same to me; correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, I added a static router on ROUTER 1 with the following credentials DEST IP: SUBMASK: and GATEWAY: (which is the WAN IP of the second router). And that was it. I was able to do file-sharing (using IP addresses only, I will setup a WINS server later), across the second router with no problem. So I could do \\ on the ROUTER 1 side with no problem and I could do \\ on the ROUTER 2 side with no problem. I guess the older router for some reason can not quite do what the newer one can.

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