2 routers and one as broadband backup?

September 25, 2009 at 13:33:32
Specs: Windows XP
I have two routers, one Linksys 610N (flashed with dd-wrt)running with a ADSL broadband and one Dovado router running with mobile broadband. Now I would like to use this in one network where the the Linksys router is "master" and the mobile as backup if/when my ADSL goes down (happens rather frequent). Is this possible and in that case how do I set up the two routers?

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September 25, 2009 at 15:26:43
if the adsl goes out you can have a hundred routers and it would make no difference. Problem is with the adsl not the router.

"the Linksys router is "master" and the mobile as backup if/when my ADSL goes down "

You can't have a dead horse in front of a live one and expect either to haul a load. This doesn't work as you think it does.

Confirm if you are having a router problem or a adsl problem by the next time the internet goes out see if you can access your router. If you can look at the STATUS and see if the wan interface is up and has an ip address. See if you can test ping that ip address from the router.

Post back what you find out.

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September 25, 2009 at 15:33:45
Normally I would say not with the equipment you have but since you Flashed it with an Open-Wrt you may be able to find a load balancer that can be loaded onto your router. Some Cisco stuff has this in their OS where the router detects which connection has the fastest connection and the buffer is not full and uses it to transmit the packets. This works with the Cisco devices because they talk to each other. I have never done this before but you could google a linux based load balancer for open-wrt.

Chack out...

Personally, I have bricked my WAP messing with this crap; granted I was using White Russian not DD but it was what Kismit recommended.

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September 26, 2009 at 02:12:29
To wanderer:
The problem with my adsl is that I live on the country side and due to storms the wires are cut now and then.
My mobile broadband is not dependent on adsl or wires as it is mobile (umts).

to ace_omega:
Bandwiht load balacing would be great, I have a look at that

My problem is that I haven´t found out howto get the to routers to work within the same network as I would like. Today I have the dovado router (the one with the mobile broadband) attached to one of the Linksys ethernet ports. I have no problems accessing the routers. But I cant access the internet through the dovado router when for example I disconnect the wan cable on the linkys router to simulate a wire cut. Is there any way to solve this? The mobile is running all the time, simultaneously with the adsl, so it shouldn´t be impossible?? The simple solution is to just use one at the time and when the linksys (adsl) goes down I just switch the cables to the dovado (mobile), but I would like it to work without doing this.

The Linksys ( is running with dhcp ( and the dovado ( is running with dhcp ( I also have a netgear switch attached to the linksys router.

Sorry for my english, I hope that I have described my problem a bit clearer this time.

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September 26, 2009 at 07:25:24
You need a DUAL WAN Router:


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September 28, 2009 at 08:14:28
Oh, I have had the same problem. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a dynamic Default Gateway. You can add more than one gateway to you NIC under the Advanced section on your NIC properties and in theory you should access them in order so that if one gateway fails then the NIC will switch to the other. I have seen this fail time and again because of bugs in the Windows software.

You can kinda do it with two NICs in your computer one connected to each router but Windows just has all kinds of problems with this because they have not programmed a good redundancy code in their networking.

Even with this I have had problems. My solution was to put in static routes on the computers and setting different metrics on the routes....

route add mask metric 20

Don't forget you have to do this as an elevated user so if you are running Vista do a RUNAS on the command prompt.

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September 28, 2009 at 09:08:50
Not sure how you can use umts [mobile broadband] without running ICS/RRAS/Linux solution for distributing the internet to all pcs.

Given the two router scenerio your setup would look like this;

Router1 lan 192.168.x.1
Router2 lan 192.168.x.2
The management pc is statically assigned 192.168.x.3
Each router has a dhcp scope of 192.168.x.4 to whatever.
Main router has the scope active.
Secondary router has the scope disabled.
All clients except management pc are set to auto assigned.
Both routers go into a switch that all pcs connect to or there is a crossover cable between their lan ports.

Main router fails you disable it by turning it off. Via the management pc you enable the dhcp scope on the secondary router. You reboot all the pcs.

You are now up on the second router.

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