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Solved Problem Configuring Engenius 5611N Access Point

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I try to configure to Engenius 5611p´s, one as Access Point, the other as Client Bridge. In order to do so one has to connect the 5611p to the Ethernet connection of the PC, assign a static ip address for it ( and then log in through the webbrowser typing

This all worked fine when I started but later it appeared that some settings should be changed in the Access Point. The problem I have is that I cannot possible reach either of the 5611p’s anymore. When I give in the browser I am getting a request for a user name and password, I guess from my router. Engenius technical support are friendly but say they cannot help me if they can’t reach the 5611p through the internet.

I have tried to identify the problems through ipconfig/all; through sending a ping, by restoring my PC to an earlier condition and by attempting to reset the setting to a DCHP modus. All to no avail.

Once I plug the ethernetwire going to the Engenius in the PC I get the message: Unidentified network; no internet access (I am on W7).

Would be grateful for any hints, spent some 2 full days sofar.



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  1. First I need some info. On the computer you’re attempting to connect to the EnGenius equipment from do the following:

    Open a command prompt window (ie: Start >> Run >> type cmd and hit Enter) and perform the following command:

    ipconfig /all

    Once you’ve finished, copy/paste the output into a response on here so we can have a look.

    For info on how to copy/paste from a command prompt window click on my name above and read my “how-to” guide titled, “Post the output of ipconfig (version 2)

    I suspect there’s an IP addressing issue and the above info will help me ascertain if that’s the case.

    It’s worth noting, good documentation can be helpful. I have a document that details the important info on all AP’s in my environment. That includes, IP Address, MAC Address, and Channel the unit is operating on. You might want to make one of these up.

    All my AP’s also require authentication to connect to the management interface. I use the same username and password on all of them. You might want to consider doing that too.

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