169 ip address major failure

June 23, 2009 at 13:47:13
Specs: Windows Vista
OK, There is a very wierd thing going on with my mother's and my computer. There are 4 computers in my house all connected to one router. That router is connected to the modem. Here is the funny thing. My Brother's and Father's computers are working fine and both have internet. But mine and my mother's DO NOT! This all happened when I restarted my computer. I just restarted it because I couldn't connect with a host on STEAM (Gaming Community) Computer restarts and WA LA, no internet. Been trying to fix this for HOURS. ME and my mom dont have internet, but my bro and dad DO.. is going on!

OK don't tell me basic BS, because I did EVERYTHING. I reset the modem and router 50 times. I changed the IP adress to automatic, and then I manually put it in, like 172.xx.x.x I put in everything, reset everything, doesn't work! No matter what I try, I went to device manager, and in network adapters It said everything was working fine.

I keep getting connected to Unidentified Network, but then there is a X going to internet. WHY! When I put it on auto matic that happens, but when I manually put in all the addresses, it connects to Network 2, but on the working computers it says Network 3. I tried everything. I even went to my router settings and everything. My IP is actually 172.16.0.x and the router we have is a WNR2000 Wireless/Cable Netgear router. This all happened because of me Restarting my computer. It affects me and my mom, but not my dad and my bro. BTW my mom is using wireless just to let you know.

PLease help me fix this! No where on fourms, someone has a problem like me. Thanks!

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June 23, 2009 at 15:08:51
"OK don't tell me basic BS, because I did EVERYTHING. I reset the modem and router 50 times"

Might want to slow down there cowboy.

If you dad and brother are working the problem most likely isn't with the router and certainly isn't with the modem.

"then I manually put it in, like 172.xx.x.x" and "I changed the IP adress to automatic"

So what was it before you changed it?
172.x.x.x is not the normal ip range. 192.168.x.x is.

You are kinda all over the place.

Start will telling us what the original settings were.
What the results of a ipconfig /all from a working and non working computer are [post here]
And whether wired or wireless. Your last part suggests wireless.

If wireless did you confirm the encryption key on the pc matches that set on the router?

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June 24, 2009 at 07:23:18
I dont have the same router as you thats why ITS not 192.168.xx.x ......

normally mine is because i have a netgear
... nvm i just found the problem. it was the anti virus program we had. it made its own firewall and blocked all of our connections.

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