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1 router 2 switches redundancy

April 12, 2011 at 23:11:38
Specs: Windows 7
hi, i'm new to cisco and in need of any help. i'm tasked to provide redundancy on our LAN. We have one Cisco 2800 router connected to one telco provider. Currently, this router is connected to a single Cisco 2960 switch. To implement redundancy, we need to add a backup switch as failover. Per readings I've made, the closest feature of Cisco I could use on the router is etherchannel. However, it seems that etherchannel works only if the router connections are terminated on the same switch. Could anyone kindly suggest a solution?


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April 13, 2011 at 05:25:36
You should be able to cascade two or more switches together so they behave as a single unit. At least, I would hope Cisco is capable of doing this. I know the Avaya (was Nortel) switches we use do this quite nicely.

My largest 'stack' at present is 5 switches, but you can cascade as many as 8 together at one time and have them behave as a single switch. I have the stacks setup with multiple uplinks that utilize LACP so should a single switch, or uplink fail, the rest of the switch still continues to work properly while you replace the bad switch.

I'm sure Cisco does this too, you'll just have to research it.

You will still have two single points of failure though once you make your switches redundant. Your single router and your single external connection.

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