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January 16, 2010 at 03:10:17
Specs: Novell 4.11
hi . i had a problem of booting up my netware 4.11 server . it gives an error : error writing on volume .../SYS . one of the users answered me that maybe my SYS volume is out of free space . he gave me a PURGE command to freeup disk space . after doing that i turnon my server and in XP workstations i can see three network partitions . DATA1-DATA2-SYS . i can open them and see their files and folders . my question is this : how can i back up my whole server from workstation . i tried to simply copy and paste drives in to my pc but various errors occured . such as : the network is out of range - error reading data . but still i have connection with the server because i can view the files . so is there a way to backup completelt and change the HDD this way ? and by the way the free space of SYS volume was 169MB . is this enough or it is not ? tnx

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January 18, 2010 at 12:14:53
I think, there is no backup program, that simply allows you to save all harddrives, so that you can restore it to a brand new harddisc.

You can backup the data itself, change the harddisc, install and configure netware to that new drive and then restore your backup to that drive.

Several years ago, there was a cloning solftware from Symantec called Ghost for Netware, that was able to clone netware partitions completely. But unfortunately Symantec cancled this software.

There is another Linux based coning tool called CloneZilla, that can clone the whole harddisc to another harddisc. It's a free tool.

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January 21, 2010 at 02:05:11
Netware 4.11 wow :)

For the data volumes (data1 and data2) you can backup the data using any backup software, however, to backup the user file rights you will need to use a software that is capable of doing this - like Tivoli Storage Manager. (if you don't have complex file rights you can just use regular data backup software)

For the NetwareOS (sys volume) you can use portlock software to take an image of your OS. Although I would prefer to just rebuild the server from scratch.

It depends on your environment.. is this a 1 server edirectory tree or are there many servers in the tree?

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