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Ms Dos 6 Saying Non System Disk Or Disk Erro

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my stupid ms dos 6 floppy is not booting every time i put it in and boot from it it always says non system disk or disk error it is a actual copy not a download i need help!!


2 Answers

  1. Check the FD setting in BIOS.
    Clean the floppy drive.

    Reset all cables.

    Make a fresh disk.

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  2. Can you run CHKDSK on the floppy and if so, how many hidden files are shown?
    There should be 2 or 3.

    If none, this is why it is not recognised as a system disc.

    Alternatively, check in the bios the boot device search order. Ideally the floppy should be first.

    Good Luck – Keep us posted.

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