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Solved Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc problem

October 20, 2016 at 17:40:44
Specs: Windows 64
I got this "Defender" message on my Mac book and everything is frozen, Cannot close anything nor turn off the Mac. Not sure what to do now.

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October 20, 2016 at 18:27:56
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Press the power button & hold it until it shuts down.

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October 20, 2016 at 20:06:58
Thank you. It worked. Now I just have to figure out which repair tool to download to fix the error.

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October 21, 2016 at 05:45:36
If your via google etc. using the following as the search term/string:

Windows Defender Error Code: 0x80073afc

you'll find innumerable hits abou it.

My first suspicion was that you have a pest installed; and almost al of the hits via the above trawl suggest (even specify) that it the case.

You're on a Mac - presumably dual-booting via Apples Bootcamp app; or are you in a Parallels or similar enviorment for windows?

Whichever it is - and I suspect it's Bootcamp - run the following in this order.



JRT - Junkware Removal Tool

(JRT installs to the desktop from where run it. It will open into small dos style windows; follow the instructions therein. It will reboot windows as part of its process.)


There are two versions - windows and Mac; i suggest you get and run both.

Install each utility using the manual/custom option - NOT the default/proffered automatic. Watch for and carefully uncheck all of those (helpfully) pre checked boxes; other than the one for actual utility itself. That way you avoid installing all manner of pests and other stuff you neither need nor want; much of it PIA to eradicate.

Never install anything downloaded of the web other than manually!

Incidentally I run Mac systems mostly nowadays; and I run a cleaner or two at intervals; and also have Bitdefender (freebie version) installed.Mac systems are being targeted more than in the past... So no harm in taking some counter measures. I did have Eset antivirus for Mac installed. I took it out as it's cumbersome, slows down the system; perpetual popups telling me what it has just done - updated it self at regular internals...

Bitdefender freebie reminds you when you haven't scanned for a few days; but you have to instigate the scan and updates to it's definitions. It will nonetheless stop possible threats if it spots any at any time.

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