Useful add-in app for screen colour temp adjust...

April 8, 2015 at 13:42:06
Specs: Mac OSX Mavericks, ???
Came across this a day or so ago. Useful utility allows one to adjust display colour temperature to suit... Works on a Mac system OK; and Windows/Linux appear to be supported too.

This one is a freebie. Seems OK - but sadly not yet available for iPad/iPhone; unless one jailbreaks them...

(There are other similar utils out there; mostly aimed at windows OS... Used one - another freebie - when in broadcast tv but can't recall its name just now.)

This one allows a fair degree of colour temperature tweaking...; and can be set to automate across the day; or one can go in and override what is already set...

There are also stick on filters around too (each customised designed/sized for a specific i-device and presumably Android etc...). They bring the seemingly default and painfully blue-white settings 6.5-9.0 degrees Kelvin setting down to nearer 3.0 degrees Kelvin.

One can also of course cover a typically overly blue-white display with daylight correction gel (the "olde" Wratten 85; or the C.T. range of gels typically supplied by film/tv lighting suppliers) as used in tv/film shoots when dealing with daylight impinging on windows of an indoor production; although often the National Geographic "daylight blue windows effect" has its place at times on indoor shoots... Can look "quite arty at times..."

Putting this in the Mac arena as don't think it's a Lounge topic; and at least a few Mac users may read it - and likely a few Windows/Linux devotees too... (I use Mac - mostly - and Windows...)

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April 8, 2015 at 13:52:12
trvir, I'm going to have a look at this, thanx. I have two macs and a couple of windows machines.

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