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Solved Taking ALL opinions on this…

Mac / Macbook air
December 4, 2013 at 23:51:42
Specs: OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5, 4 GB
Hello all,

I would love to know people's opinions on this.
I am so used to having protection on my windows based laptops, it feels funny surfing the net, etc and not have antivirus or ANY spyware removal programs, etc.

Taking all opinions on this…


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December 5, 2013 at 00:32:02
Macs are not immune from malware.

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December 5, 2013 at 05:51:41
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Sadly even Macs are now vulnerable to pests… (and probably have always been - even if only low-level/minor). But until fairly recently there wasn't much in the way of attacks that made headlines.

Sophos (and I think a couple of others too) now offer a freebie anti-virus util for Macs…

I have Macs systems as well as Windows. I run Sophos freebie on my Macs - and although it did find four pests initially - two were minor and no real threat; two were a little more serious (phishing items and a key-logger) - all were easily removed by Sophos. It offers options various in terms of network drives too; and can be auto-updated or done so manually - which I advise to do regularly. It also runs in the background…

I installed it also on my Windows systems and it found the same phishing items which M$ Security Essential appeared to miss? Again they were removed OK… I kep M$ util updated and active, and also run a Sophos scan regularly too… Oddly there seem to be no conflicts between the two utils - whereas in the past it was generally advised not to have two such utils running at the same time; either they wouldn't work properly (if at all) or would report false positives.

Sophos did catch/flag warnings re' a couple of items recently - advised that a site to which I had gone for a download util had something dodgy there along with the download..; so I declined that download and went elsewhere...

So… my advice is to run "something" on a Mac system too these days; as there are those out there starting to go after the Mac OS - for whatever reason(s).

Incidentally a programme item (IT security advisor) on Beeb Radio recently advised that even to click on - but not actually go to an active link in - an email purporting to be from a bank, paypal etc.. would more than likely now drop/download a trojan. Which trojan would immediately activate, hide it self and remove traces of its presence fully (unless you really know how to find it); and then start to log and extract login/password details etc. when they were used… Advice was (is) not to even click on (or open into the body of) the email - let alone go to the link enclosed - as even the simple click on etc. will now activate the pests.

Things are getting nastier out there daily...

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