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Solved Remove Burner app andreset defaul burner app to Disk Utility

March 8, 2018 at 01:38:15
Specs: Mac OS X, .../lots...
I have a Mac Mini (late 2012 and runn g el capitan).

I installed Source Fourge “Burn”app which does work ok (most ofthe time...). It’s a reasonably popular freebie app, supported by voluntary contributions

If I select an ISO to burn to a DVD by right clicking on the file it shows the Burn app as the one to use; there is no option to select another app. Disk Utility is the default (only) app for burni g ncluded with current Mac OSX, but the Burn app has overwritten that option - and I can find no way to reset it to Disk Utility.

Simply sending Burn to the trash can doesn’t resolve the situation; it’s still there in the system somewhere and thus in the right click menu and the default app.

How do I reset the right clck option (to burn a file, an ISO) to Disk Utility.

Also how do I completely remove the Burn app.? There is a Youtube video which shows Burn having an uninstall routine, but in the version I have installed there is no such option.

If this was a windows setup I could use Revo uninstaller very likely to remove Burn, but there is no Mac version. Does anyone know of, and can recommend a reliable and safe Mac equivalent?

Au secours, m’aide, help...,


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March 8, 2018 at 05:52:03
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I think I've managed to resolve the problem I perceived I had in my post.

Seems the window for Disk Utility (DU) shows a similar icon to that as used for Source Forge's Burn app when burning a disk... Did a Youtube video trawl for "how to burn an ISO using disk Utility in Mac OSX 10x etc. and viewed it carefully.

It showed clearly that the DU burn in progress window shows the same icon as SF Burn app...

So it looks as if I was chasing mon tail as it were...

However I have come to the conclusion that my elderly stock of Memorex DL (blank) disks are useless; and about one in ten (if lucky) will actually burn OK, otherwise I get media errors...

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