Question re' 2012 Mac Mini Thunderbolt adapters various.

July 15, 2020 at 08:46:31
Specs: Catalina, 16Gig
I have a late 2012 Mac Mini - which has a Thunderbolt port. The port can be uses for VGA display - which I don't as I have an HDMI display and the Mac has that port too.

Presumably the version of T-bolt on my Mac Mini is version-1; and since 2012 versions 2 and 3 have evolved (and version 4 is in the wings...).

Is there any way I can use T-bolt (1) either as a usb-c output or even as T-bolt (3)?

A usb-c (male end) looks the same as the male end of T-bolt (1) at least (and presumably T-bolt 2 and 3 use the same plug end?). Is the male usb-c the same as the male T-bolt?

I don't know if one can simply plug any T-bolt 2 or 3 into the Mac Mini (late 2012) port and not "upset/damage" things in the Mac; nor even if it would work at all; similarly a usb-c into the T-bolt (1) port?

So how can I make use of the existing T-bolt port - at least as a usb-c port, if not a T-bolt port using current T-bolt (3) kit?

Are there adapters around which may allow the port to be usb-c at least if not T-bolt 3 (preferably choice of either with appropriate adapter of course)?

Browsing the web seems to produce only T-bolt (3) to usb-c adapters and so on. No backwards adapters - male T-bolt (1) to female T-bolt (3); or even male T-bolt(1) to usb3 female in any flavour...

If I could at least get it to be usb-c that would be an advantage.

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