my macBook Pro dvd drive doesn't read a comme

August 22, 2011 at 19:10:13
Specs: Macintosh
Can you help me?My macBook Pro OS X10,5.8 dvd drive doesn't read a burned dvd.This has happened before. When I insert the DVD I hear the disc spinning, but the icon for the DVD disc does not show up on my desktop and the disc after awhile is ejected.

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August 23, 2011 at 13:19:22
Hello and welcome to the Mac forum!

Please read the following suggestions and solutions to troubleshoot your current issue.

- Have you tested other discs known to work?
This may include CDs, CD-RWs, DVD movies, or other optical media. If these do get read, then your optical (CD/DVD) drive does work. If this is not sufficient evidence that the drive may work or not, go to the Apple menu and click "About This Mac...". Click "More Info...", then in System Profiler, click ATA under Hardware. Check the details of the optical drive. (If these results are negative, you may need to get your optical drive replaced. See Apple Support to see if you are under warranty or can receive service.)

- Did you burn the disc using Windows Vista or Windows 7?
If so, you may have forgotten to finalize the disc by clicking the "Finalize" button in the Computer window in Windows Explorer. If this option is unavailable, you will have to burn another copy, or erase the disc and re-burn on a rewritable media.

- Did you burn the disc using Disk Utility or an official Apple application?
Disk Utility is highly recommended for burning CDs and DVDs, because it understands how to handle, verify, and finalize discs with a very successful rate. You can also manually verify the disc outside of a checksum when you are done burning one. If you are using the Finder, it should allow you to make a Burn Folder, which will allow you to directly burn from there. If using iDVD, iTunes, or an Apple application (not a third party application), then these should also be able to author discs correctly. If these applications did not burn the disc properly, you may need to erase the media with Disk Utility and re-burn the media (if rewritable) or otherwise, burn a new disc.

You can also open Disk Utility to see if the disc is properly recognized. The portion of "seeing" the disc on the Desktop is after the media is mounted. Opening Disk Utility may allow you to see what is reported on the disc.

If you have further questions from the questions and solutions presented here, if you need additional assistance, or have any other concerns on this issue, please post back. Thank you; it has been a pleasure to assist you.

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August 30, 2011 at 08:38:19
Thank you!! A commercial dvd worked fine on my computer so my dvd drive works, but the burned slide show disc that I received from a friend didn't work.( It worked on my TV however!)I believe the disc wasn't "finalized" by the person who burned it. Thanks so much for helping me with this.

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