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My Mac isn't recognising my memory stick!

February 4, 2011 at 01:52:05
Specs: Macintosh
I was working on some designs yesterday evening in Illustrator on my Mac (OS X 10.4.11), it seemed pretty slow when adjusting / saving things but the files were quite large, so it didn't surprise me. Now I have put my memory stick back in and it doesn't show up at all on my Mac and when I go to recent items in Illustrator all the things I worked on aren't there either.

I tried opening up the memory stick on my PC and it worked, so I gather it's not the stick that has messed up. I have tried the basics on my Mac - turning it off and on again, trying different USB ports for the stick but now I'm stuck! Please help!

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February 8, 2011 at 15:48:36
There are several things I would like to recommend that would help you isolate any problems you may be having with your machine.

Start out by opening Disk Utility. Hold down the Command key (indicated by a four-leaf clover loop) and press the Space bar. Once the Spotlight menu opens, release the keys, and type in "disk util". Use the down arrow key to select Disk Utility, and press return.

In the Disk Utility application window, there are several things to note. You will need to plug in your flash drive and make sure that all drives are "mounted" or visible. In the devices list pane to the left of the main window, you will see several root devices (the drives themselves), and the "volumes" or "partitions" on those drives.

Firstly, even though you mentioned that your flash drive is working properly, in the First Aid pane, indicated by the filled First Aid tablet, click Repair Disk. Let your Mac run through the file system of the removable disk and see what needs to be repaired.

When this is complete, please leave the First Aid pane active, and click the hard drive (the root device--not a volume) in the drive list pane in the left of the window. Click the "Repair Disk Permissions" button and wait for all permissions to be checked.

Then, when this is also complete, go ahead and click Verify Disk. If there are problems that are reported and the disk does not pass the tests, then you must find software or a certified Apple technician to look over your Mac. Also, please note the SMART status of the disk--if it is not "Verified", your disk is failing very soon, and will need replaced. If a disk is bad, files will either seem to "disappear" or will also become corrupt and be rendered useless without difficult recovery. I speak from experience in this case.

Hopefully, however, all your drives should be working properly, and you can, in the same fashion you opened Disk Utility, go to Spotlight and type in a part of your Illustrator file, which should pop up.

I hope that this response was accurate and to your satisfaction.

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