Mac iBook G3 boot Linux

January 11, 2010 at 16:22:39
Specs: Windows XP
I have recently acquired a Mac iBook G3, 64
MB RAM, PowerPC. Originally it had OS X on
it, but was locked because it was not
connected to the server it originally came from.
I reset the pram, so now it's not requiring a
password or forbidding from doing anything,
but now it's giving me the blinking question
mark that it can't find OS X. I'm trying to boot
Puppy Linux onto it from either a Live CD or a
flash drive, neither of which it will recognize to
load. Help please???

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February 1, 2010 at 18:30:28
Well, if you just want to run puppy linux, you could just entirely wipe the hard drive, or just take it out all together and install puppy from the dvd/cd a flash drive. I think that would work, but i'd do a little research first. I'd hate for you to lose something important on my account.

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February 2, 2010 at 16:56:48
Puppy Linux will not boot on an iBook. iBooks use a totally different type of processor from most other desktop and laptop computers, known as a "PowerPC" or PPC processor. You thus need a distro made for PowerPC processors. There are relatively few lightweight distros produced for PowerPC systems, unfortunately. You can "roll your own" using another distro like Debian or Fedora, but as your first attempt was with Puppy Linux, I'm guessing you may not be comfortable enough to do that yet.

P.S. iBooks are not capable of booting from a USB Flash drive
P.S.S. Even on processors its designed for, Puppy Linux needs a minimum of 128 MB of RAM to boot.
P.S.S.S To boot from the CD drive on an iBook, you should press and hold the C key when powering on.

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February 3, 2010 at 18:02:57
That is correct, i had forgotten that puppy wouldn't run on PPC. I would reccomend debian for your ibook, i've heard it's the best suited for the machine. I'm planning on putting it on my iBook 900mhz.

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February 4, 2010 at 22:02:07
Yeah, after going through a few Puppy Linux discs, I realized the
problem was that it wasn't PPC compatible (and that I hadn't put
the RAM back in all the way, resulting in the blinking question
mark). I tried Gentoo and Arch Linux PPC, but the Mac kept
corrupting the Yaboot.conf file. I got my hands an OS X.2 install
disc, so I've got the system up and running Mac, not sure if I
want to partition it to run Linux as well. Thank you all for your

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